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African child
international charity gala

amely« I have the great pleasure to invite you to the African child international charity gala, which will be held in Paris, Salon Hoche, on 13th june 2008”. (Mandatory confirmation here. For information contact : contact@mayina.info)


“I already thank the generous donators for their involvement in such an universal cause: children care, also in or from Africa”


Amely-James KOH BELA




This first edition organized by MAYINA French NGO, celebrates the international day of African child. People from economics, politics, arts, sports, people from France, USA, Africa and the rest of the world, all together will join us and give their support to this worldwide cause: African children care.


  • For you, this gala is the opportunity to give your support,


  • For you, this gala is the opportunity to meet People,


  • For you, this gala is the opportunity to spend a pleasant time, in an exceptional location,


  • To listen to a unique concert conducted by the famous Rido Bayonne, the only African conductor able to manage a big band of more than 30 musicians and artists coming from every part of the world.


  • To watch exhibition of creators from Europe and Africa


  • To taste food from Africa, cooked by a famous cooker from Paris,


  • To buy by auction a unique chef-d’œuvre for the benefit of the  NGO.


You will receive a receipt for your donation (fiscal advantages for France). Your donation will finance campaigns in Africa in order to inform parents and prevent children from sexual abuses and violence. Your donation will also finance projects as education, business development in order to give parents the means to better educate and protect children.